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Above - First off I should say that this book is written for teens not grown ups so a teenager may very well like this book for all the reasons I don't.I started reading this because she is a Canadian author and the cover is freakin' cool. Hello, fly girl and the CN Tower? Amazing. It took me until page 6 to realize the book is not written from the perspective of the girl, but some boy and that is actually where I have stopped. Besides not getting whose POV the story was from I find the writing style difficult to follow. Too many adverbs and adjectives used as proper nouns, too many capitalized words, and too many pronouns missing. I enjoy long sentences that accomplish a lot. And I don't want to have to think when I'm reading. The author should create the thoughts for me. That's not to say I don't leave words out when I talk with my friends or text, but that's just it, they are my friends and through long exposure my brain has learned to fill in the blanks.Anyway, I think the book has a great story concept, but the writing style isn't for me.

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