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Tampa - Alissa Nutting This book is officially too explicit, too graphic, and too weird for me to finish. The things in this book are not okay. Legally the definition of child pornography is any visual depiction (real or manufactured) of a minor engaging in a sexually explicit act, but this author is overly skilled at describing in vivid lascivious detail that it is near impossible not to visualize the sexually explicit acts. Is it okay because no real child is being victimized? I tried to evaluate the book from that angle - Does this book have merit for making us feel how awful this crime is? Maybe, just maybe, she brings to light the other side; women seducing young teens that we often don't hear about, but I don't need to feel repulsed by "getting inside her head" to acknowledge how awful this crime is. I have a daughter and I would rather read a book on how to prepare her to avoid, defuse, and report any situation before it got out of control. And maybe the mother of a son would like something equally appropriate for the opposite sex.

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