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Wool - Hugh Howey So normally when I rate a book at 3.5 stars I round down for GoodReads purposes. But the first 3 parts of this book were just too good to let it stand at 3 stars. I found the writing, world building, and intrigue in the first 3 parts was so tight I would have used the word epic to describe this story. And I'm not saying the ending is all bad. I just think a lot more thought went into the first half and things got wild and loose in the second half. Like the story was driving Howey and not the other way around. In fact the only part I feel completely negative about is the Prologue - major disappointment. One page just tacked on the end. What was that about? I've decided not to acknowledge the prologue for rating purposes or for anything for that matter. It doesn't exist and I am currently waiting for a prologue to be written.

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