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Delirium  - Lauren Oliver I enjoyed the beginning of this book. A bit of a far-fetched dystopian concept, but lovely writing and some interesting character relationships. Plus I'm a sucker for a good romance. But my interest waned about a third of the way in (romance wasn't great) and I skipped to the end just to find out how it ended and I would have felt better not knowing how it ended. SPOILER ALERT - ENDING REVEAL: Like I said I didn't like the ending. In the beginning of the book she makes a reference to Romeo and Juliet as required reading in high school as a cautionary tale to love. Because apparently love is a sickness that they cure. So I assumed that it was going to be a great love story with the 2 characters dying in the end. And up until the last page and a half I believed this because the boy does sacrifice himself for her and then she hops and fence and gets away. In my head I was screaming, she lives? WTF, not cool.Anyway, Lauren Oliver writes in a lovely voice that flows so easily so this really was a case of not enjoying the story rather than it being written poorly.

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